Home and family

You have grown up in the midst of your siblings and with your parents or even grandparents in the same house every single day. For one reason or the other, you may not have stopped to think about how life would be if you did not have these people. I came to realize just how important family is and in this article, that’s what we are going to be talking about. Let’s take a look at the importance of family.

A foundation for a bright future

When a child is born, he or she spends so much time with the parents up until they have to go to school. It is no secret that they spend more time in school with teachers and friends. In school, children are taught all they need to know regarding academics so that they can excel. It is at home, however, with the family that kids learn the true values and develop the characters that will eventually help to propel them through different situations in life.

A solid support system

Nobody knows you the way your family does. As you go through life, there will be so many highs, but there also will be lows. When you are going through the times, your friends will be there for you, but they cannot be there for you in the same capacity as your friends. They always say blood is thicker than water and this is true. Your friends may abandon you when times get tough, but your family isn’t going anywhere. They will be there for you to the very end. Never underestimate the importance of having a place to fall back to.

Your identity

Your family gives you your identity. Your parents just like you are a product of their parents. What this means is that your actions, your character, how you talk and relate to people, how you walk, all of these things show where you come from. They are a reflection of your culture. These little things become your identity because you got them through your family. From time to time, you will get to learn about your families’ culture through your oldest relatives, and you will understand the importance of it to your identity.


A family is very important in instilling important values in each other, and especially in children such that when they grow up, they eventually have families of their own, they will know exactly what to do to strengthen the family bond.